Your hot plate and coffee pot should not require these extra watts. As in, can I plug only this cord directly from my generator to the outlet outside of my house and I’ll be good to go? Never operate it in your garage, basement, or where the exhaust can enter a living area. Ray, From house panel there is a 30amp, orange-colored wire running to a receptacle on the back porch that the previous owner of the house used to run a dryer. Although you will be able to get the power needed to run your fridge, and the 220 applications periodically, you might consider upgrading to 8 Gauge in both lengths. I look forward to your response. Both of these generators have a L5-30R outlet and a 20A duplex 5-20R. Hopefully you won’t be running everything at the same time. Question for you. You can start here: Thanks for double checking Sharon!! You could stretch your ability by not running everything at the same time. 2.5300600NR1000600375250 Once started, the power is distributed to the ends of the cord. I am now confident that I can run my unit safely when the next need arises here in Daytona Beach, FL. I have a 30amp inlet to my panel with and interlock switch. Ray. I have two large refrigerators that are 100 feet away from generator. I’ll try to keep my wife from opening it so often. My fridge uses 470 watts the run is 100 feet. Most importantly, make sure that you have the right gauge for what you plant to run, AND sufficient length. So the three cords from there do not need to be 10 gauge as well. You might consider moving it closer than 150ft if possible. When the doors are opened it turns the system off then when the doors are closed it restarts. The question is your refrigerator and how large it is. I am thinking of buying a 10,000 watt generator (7500 watts running). $1781.72 $1272.66. If you are going first class like this, where you want to make sure of your cord choice is when you connect to your transfer switch. It is an especially affordable solution with premium features. Good luck and stay safe. From your 5-15R at 120 volts you can get a maximum of 1800 watts (again don’t push it). Thanks Ray. Just a couple of questions: What cords can I use for a sump pump, 2 fridge/freezer combos, furnace fan, microwave and tv? It does not mean that too long a cord distance will not work. You can eliminate extension cords that way. Yeah it can be confusing. With the doors closed They can keep the temperature down to safe levels. Your 30A cord and Box can safely provide 7500W. Now very few households have extension cords this long, but on-site work can often mean that the portable generator will be located 100’s of feet from the power need. Yes you may use more than one receptacle at the same time. With 2,300 Starting Watts and 1,800 Running Watts, this generator … Do I have to go to 6 gauge wire? Appliances to run at same time (rated watts): Upright freezer 600 watts, Garage fridge/freezer: 825 watts, kitchen fridge/freezer 800 watts, Microwave 1300 watts, clothes Washer 650 watts, clothes dryer: 6000 watts. I did see on Amazon an L14-20 to L-14-30. If I understand your question correctly, Your main cord has the ability to carry 30 Amps through it to the three outlets at the business end? I just purchased an RS 5500 by Generac. Can this one generator power provide me with power to cover at 12 lights as I works out to 7200 w? You said you were having an electrician install your transfer switch. I need to know what gauge wire to hook up my Champion 9000 to my electrical box out side the panel is 30 ft away, Hi Jerry, Assuming that your generator supplies 30Amps at the 240V setting, you can go with 10 gauge over that distance. The main thing that I will need to power is a large refrigerator (6 amps) and then maybe a few smaller items intermittently (coffee maker, microwave, a few small lights, TV, etc.) Remember you should not connect your generator to your home through a wall outlet. Hi Tim. Reliable and popular. The expert should be asked. Because a wire can cause resistance to the power flow and the thinner the wire, the more the resistance. I have not found an 8 gauge cord with my 30 amp ends, and they are much more expensive. Thanks for all of your advice. Ray, just a follow up question, would a Champion Power Equipment 25 ft, 30 amp, 125 fan style flat generator extension cord (L5-30P to three 5-20R) work on the You did your work! It is better to be safe. I was told to start the generator first then plug the 3 prong end into the generator and let it run for a few minutes prior to plugging in loads to the other end of NEMA cord. Otherwise you’ll be running your full generator when little power is needed to “maintain” the water temperature. Good luck and stay safe, Since the sump requires 9.6 to run i’m covered there, but does the start up amps cause a fire issue with the extension cord? I see cable legnths that reach 100 ft but most are 25 and 50. 7.59001800NR350200125100 L14/30R and other outlet/plug designations are explained in more detail below. Just remember to keep the generator well away from any living areas while in operation. With the types and number of storms we’ve been getting, you might be looking for a new generator, or hauling out the one you’ve been storing in the garage. While you’re at it, you might want to check out the 5 gallon gas containers, funnels, fuel stabilizer and generator covers to have everything you’ll eventually need. Ray, Hi Jonathan, Without jumping to over $200. You know the drill. About to buy new generator, am concerned about need to provide a grounding rod. Your venture sounds like an interesting and fun venture. The nomenclature may be any combination and will determine its best use: Well, that’s about it. Featuring advanced I already have the transfer switch installed. Depending on the layout of your home, 75 feet may not be long enough. Can I put an adapter plug on a 30 amp cord to run new furnace and other appliances I used to run with my old 5000 what generator. If 30 amps (if you have a L14-30R) you want to go with 10 gauge. Any recommendations you can give would be great! BE SURE that these additional cords are similarly rated for the appliances that you’ll be running. Do I ONLY need the cord that has the L14-30 male and female parts to plug in my generator? During the day when it got hot outside the generator would pop the breaker. Hi Ray: I have a Generac RS 5500 and it came with a 20 foot Nema 14-30 cord. Should we buy a cord for the 30 amp with multiple plugs or use the 120 volts as we did? there should be no visible liquid. The 3 means that there are 3 conductor wires (all 12 Gauge) that are insulated and extending the length of the cord. Remember to keep the generator well away from any dwelling where the fumes could enter. For instance, if I only wanted to power a 240v welder? By managing the load shed it increases the capacity of my generator approximately 20%, but the main reason is because my refrigerator is built-in and pulling it out to connect to an extension cord is not an option. Thank you for your help! Thanks. It does not come with oil, so make sure you have some. You’ll have to decide what is best for your needs. I’m sorry that I don’t know if the Craftsman model comes with that capability. Yamaha.? Make the right choice for your generator for the uses that you plan for it. The real issue is, switch boxes are generally set up for much more powerful generators. If so, your choice of generator will not be large enough. Do you have another question? He knew it was a 1hp unit and his stance seemed to be adamant that air compressors and generators do not work well together. If I want to run my fridge and freezer and TV and a light off those, i would want to switch my rocker switch to 240? Just to refresh I have a Generac RS 5500 running 6875 surge watts portable generator. It sounds like the unit my be cycling more often, which makes it more likely that it could be competing with the periodic cycling of the refrigerator and freezer. New inverter generator supplies simar wattage? Make sense? On the Firman 30 amp cord can I use a UL 1449 surge protector power strip for the led TV and tv box. Am I safe to use a 12 gauge, 15 amp extension cord (50ft) on the 5-20R 120V/20amp output on my generator? Safety does not come with a price tag. In the future, I might get a larger generator such as 5000-watts. Yes inverters are safe with sensitive electronics. We bought it at Lowe’s and that was a nightmare before we found someone who even knew if this would power a sump pump, therefore I have no faith in any answers there. And thank you for the kind words. Double check this with a certified electrician and stay safe. Also I have a freezer in the garage that also uses 500 watts the run is 25 feet. The information that you’ll need will be something like L14-30 or the like. You should always perform due diligence before buying goods or services online. Ray. Numbers prefixed by “L” are curved-blade, twist-locking connectors; others are straight blade and non-locking. Easy to start and really quiet. I feel pretty comfortable from what I have read here that either generator and either fuel option would work, as long as I don’t try to fire up everything at the same time. You’ll find many uses for your cord that you may not have expected. Hi Fred, Westinghouse 25 ft 10 gauge with L14-30 plug and four 5-15R receptacles, rated for 300v. Thank you for all you know and all you have shared. It’s up to you, but that added expense might make your decision to move the generator closer when you need it an easy one. There are 4 gallon compressors with larger HP engines and that could cause you some problems running it. Also running the generator in the truck bed might be too close to the cab when you are inside it. Hi Peter, It’s pretty complicated, i know, so talk to an electrician who can better explain how you can get what you want done, and stay safe. An electrician said I need a #4 gauge? Ray. or because its just an initial amount for a split second its ok? So no matter how many cords you run from your generator, each cord has to “share” the output. If that doesn’t work I’ll rotate, unplugging the freezer and refrigerator. Asking because often a 30A generator would often have a L14-30 outlet. My question is which generator port? First rule of thumb. I don’t want to overkill this problem, but I don’t want to risk a fire either. If you can find a correctly rated 65ft cable, there should be no issue. Make sure that the generator stays dry and that all connections and cords are safe from water contact. AT that point it will be moved out of the shed but stay down the hill. Look at the unit or in you manual and it will tell you the plug that you need on the generator end. For something as important as that, please contact a certified electrician. This is more than enough power to keep a refrigerator running.. First what do you think of this machine? You may come across a series of letters describing your generator cord like SJ, SJT, SEOW, SO and others. Find deals on furniture, antiques, and collectibles There is a volts meter but it reads mostly the same from when I start the generator without a load and with a load on it. Your freezer probably about the same. As a rule of thumb, it is better to run a single cord rather than connect cords together. Good Luck, We have this generator… Hi Eddie, it sounds like you want to use the same cord for each use? The size increments as smaller in shorter lengths, but once you reach 100 feet, just due to lower demand, the size options become fewer. I am happy to help. will use propane for cooking and heating water, car battery for cell charging, wood stove for heat, blankets and sweats for bedding warmth. Depending on your generator, you may be able to use another plug to provide some of the power still available in your large unit. I add oil to it and put gas in. $900.00. I have an 8500w generator. When you have a cord with three outlets at the end, They will “share” the 20 Amps. If you feel the need to look at the wide variety of generator cords (and household types), there is no better location to search for just about any extension cord you could need than at My breaker switch keeps going off. In this post, you will find out what you need to know about extension cords for portable generators. Do you mean XP rather than HP? Hope this helps. The number is over 200 but I haven’t paid attention to it. The cord could be made of thermoset, thermoplastic elastomer, or thermoplastic. Ideally i want an extension/wire maximum length for #10 wire. my question is: (1) can I get 8k running volts into the house through the inlet box from the sole 30a receptacle from the generator?, (2) what type of cord do I need (a 10k watt or 8k watt rated cord?). I hope you won’t need it for a power outage, but find great uses for your generator. Hope this helps. If you plan to use ALL 30 amps at the same time, you will want to go to a 10 gauge (see the table on the article). Some info say it is not necessary others say it might be. Make sure that the cord is UL approved. I am more of a user and less an electrician. For tutoring please call 856.777.0840 I am a recently retired registered nurse who helps nursing students pass their NCLEX. I guess I need a generator cord and the extension cords run off of the generator cord. Always follow all safety guidelines when using extension cords and electrical cords in general. The question I have. Because you want it to be right when you need it. Where do I plug in the generator cord and do I also need some kind of adapter? 1,700-Running Watts Portable Inverter Generator (1002) Lean and light, the new Craftsman 2200 portable inverter generator is packed with convenient and easy-to-use features. Ray. Since I am at 8,000/10,000 and I am good with the distance, do I have to worry about watts? Manufacturers must protect themselves from liability from alterations out of their control. 75 feet seems like a long cord, but remember, it is VITALLY IMPORTANT that you keep the running generator OUTSIDE and away from your home. for that distance you probably won’t go with a lighter gauge at that distance if you want to have at or near your full power available. Lots of useful information! A quick overview and my opinion of the new Ryobi 1800/2300 watt inverter generator. Remember, I’m just a regular guy who wants to help. So why can’t any old cord do as long as the plug fits? You will lose a bit with multiple cords. You should also have a 30Amp plug (L5-30R)on your generator to use for more than the standard 5/20R household plugs. Right? You said it is not recommended to use a cord with 2 male ends. You have a 20 foot, 30 Amp cord with 4 standard 3 prong outlets at the end, and you want to connect a 100 foot cord to each outlet? Should it only be *small* appliances? I hope this helps and that I am understanding your situation correctly. Is this correct? Good luck and stay safe. The total watts/amps used by the three plugs should not exceed 3000 – 3500 running watts of your generator. Will you be using 60-70 Amps at the same time? Hope this helps. I don’t know the generator you mention, but in general, you can use the following guidelines for the use of the available amps. hi tried to email you but cant hope this gets through and you can help me//have a firman generator //bought a l5-30p plug for generator //10g wire as itsa 30a generator //can i just attach 15a or 20 a plugs to it //or is there something else i need// hope yoou can answer my question, Hi Mike, The standard three prong outlets on your unit that look like a household plug won’t give you 30 amps. Can I cut the extension cord end off of the NEMA plug that came with the generator and add the end of a dryer cord and run my generator off of the 220 dryer plug. Secondly my generator will be running about 20-40 feet from the back of my house so what gauge cords should l use and length? Let me know if you need more info, and appreciate your help! Notice that 125V is commonly mentioned here, but 120V is the common current that can fluctuate upward and downward when supplied by a portable generator. Be confident. You will only be able to use 30 Amps or so at the same time with 7500 watts. Hope this helps, Good luck and stay safe. Each cord that you attach at that point will be rated for how many amps it can safely carry. So I just bought a generator to use for power outages as we have 2 sump pumps in the basement and I DO NOT/ CANNOT have my basement flood during a power outage. Double check the amp draw for your refrigerators and freezer and well pump. $787.73. Device Requirements and Maximum Cord Length (ft) by Wire Gauge If you were only running a 5 amp appliance, you could go up to 300 foot cord. So use one duplex for two lights (1200watts) Is it possible and is it safe? Maybe L14-20 or something like that. Hi Peter, I should not count the extra 20 feet from the provided twist lock cord, correct? I want to be safe. You are right in asking for information before letting someone sell you something you don’t need. If you already have a portable generator, make sure the extension cords you’re using are the right ones. As always, I recommend consulting with a certified electrician. I plan on using a 25 ft. Firman 30 AMP, 10 gauge extension cord with spit configuration – 2 outlets. Its compact size makes it easy to store and transport. Ray. I’m adding the Honda 6-circuit universal transfer switch for a couple different reasons. Stay safe and good luck. You are very fortunate to have such a reliable generator. I am not a certified electrician. Can I use a 14 gauge 50′ extension from the large window AC to one of the L14-30 and then 50′ 16 gauge cords from the other smaller appliances all to the same L14-30? Lengths of cord availability are often determined by demand. But 4 gauge wire might too more than you need. Determine how many amps you’ll be using at the SAME time. I’ve decided to contact local electrical inspector to discuss my options. Be safe. Take a look at the post on the website titled “What size generator do I need?” I have a 30 AMP Power Inlet Box installed. Is the model number that you mentioned correct? You’ll run 100 ft of 10 gauge, 100 feet from your 240 option of your generator. And you may need to use the power for nothing else during drying. Ray. Can I assume that your universal switch has an outlet box suitable for a 240 volts and 30Amp four prong locking plug? so I can purchase four 10 gauge 100 foot cords and plug those into the end of my 20 foot L14-30 NEMA cord that was provided? I want to run it in the garage and run a 125 foot cord to the house. Ray. The shorter the additional extension cords, the better. Hope this helps. 8 gauge will be better. Even if it is a stand alone garage, deadly fumes can build up. Imagine plugging into your home outlet. This works well and has saved us a couple of times during outages. I may also plug a power strip into one of the other ends of the 30a cord for electronics. fuel tank and 60 dB noise level. I bought a Champion Duel Fuel 9000 Peak generator and it came with a 25ft – 4 prong 30amp cord to plug into generator and it has 4 outlets on the other end. You might find this arrangement more versatile in the future with more options. An inverter generator operates it’s power more consistently so you might start there although they are more expensive per watt. Thanks! Think of the generator cords that have multiple end outlets 5R-15, but the main cord is a 14-30. That’s better than vice versa. You might consider running those from the battery of the device, or using a rechargeable Universal Power Source to supply power to your electronics. Craftsman (2) Duracell (1) ... Click to add item "Generac® 2,300 Running 3,000 Starting Watt Gasoline Inverter Generator" to the compare list. Thanks for the info John. Your 30A 120/240 receptacle should be able to deliver up to 7200watts to your house (240 x 30 = 7200). add to compare compare now. Use the second duplex for two lights (1200 watts) I’m trying to figure the best way to do this, that is, whether to use the 100-foot 10-gauge cord to the central point and go from there with 25-foot 10-gauge extension cords to the refrigerator and other rooms; or, whether to hook together a 50-foot 10-gauge and a 25-foot 10-gauge triple tap to get to the central point, and go from there with 25-foot 10-gauge or 12-gauge cords. Thank you for your response. You can parallel two different brands of generator as long as the manufacturers say it is OK. That is only good news in that you may be able to use another manufacturer’s kit. I have been using it for a few years but recently moved and I now need a 40ft cord. I just went through Irma here in Florida. NEMA wiring devices are made in current ratings from 15 to 60 amperes, and voltage ratings from 125 to 600 volts. Great site by the way. The Generac GP3000i inverter featuring new, advanced PowerRush™ technology delivers over 50 percent more starting capacity for your RV essentials and I have a 5500 watt , 30 amp, Briggs and stratton generator. Most portable generators with dual 120V/240V power have a L14/30R receptacle. With 2,300 Starting Watts and 1,800 Running Watts, this generator is whisper quiet and is safe for most sensitive electronics. That will give you more detailed information. First, we’ll have to look at how cords are rated. Both fridge/ freezer combos are rated at 4.7-5.00 amps.