FORVM ANCIENT COINS. Happy New Year!!! Note : All RIC entries are from Volume IX. Ae 12.86 Grams 26.5mm, Ancient Rome Hadrian? (W)akarnania, (W)oiniadai Or (W)anaktorion ? Coin To Identify. Jetons 1500 to date. AR Tetradrachm 15.94 Grams 33.7mm For ID, Ancient Greek Ae 6.21 Grams 16.4mm For ID, Ancient Judea Prutah? When you discuss with collectors you will speak of "legend" which is also called "titulature" to describe the words and abbreviations inscribed on the currency. For coin questions, corrections, identification help (Please make sure your images are sharp, crop the images to the coin itself without a large empty space around it and try to keep images to a max. board for discussing bronze coins minted from A.D. 250- 450. Explore Our Website And Find Joy In The History, Numismatics, Art, Mythology, And Geography Of Coins!!! Show Us Your Top 10 Coins/Artifacts Of 2020. Provincial coins 63 B.C. Expert Authentication - Accurate Descriptions - Reasonable Prices - Coins From Under $10 To Museum Quality Rarities Welcome Guest.Please login or register. Carolingian coins 751 to 987. Helvetica's RIC lists, Dozens of xls lists compiled by Dane to precisely identify your Roman (and some Greek and Provincial) coins. Identify a Coin. Counterfeit Detection. We will speak of the "field" of the currency designating the smooth and unregistered part. Return to Top of Page . Expert Authentication - Accurate Descriptions - Reasonable Prices - Coins From Under $10 To Museum Quality Rarities Welcome Guest.Please login or register. Price Reductions. Identifying Late Roman Bronze Coins Study of the late roman bronze coins, covering 181 types during the period A.D. 317-498 Spanish Version . Roman Coin ID Unknow : Montgomery 11/21/2020: 3: 168: 11/21/2020 8:15 pm Kushanshah : 2.65 G, 12 MM, Tag Says 400-250 BC Aes Rude Italy: louisvillekyshop 11/20/2020: 11: 355: 11/21/2020 1:39 pm louisvillekyshop : Two Coins. (Some additional lists are in a password protected area) BEWARE OF FAKES! Missing from the RIC VI 108-110 group. Forum Description: Ancient, Greek, Roman, and Medieval Coins up to 1600 AD. For Sale: Silver Bullion Coins & Rounds + Peace Dollars, For Sale: Silver Bullion (Many Holiday Themed) And 90% More Or Less At Spot, For Sale: Silver Bullion - Various Coin & Medal Lots, For Sale: Canadian Silver 80% + Add On French 90%, For Sale: 1998 Havana Puzzle Silver Proof Set With Box, Grapecollects' Coin Mini Mart (Us, Silver, And Some World, Die Varieties), World Coins and Currency Discussion Forums, Ancient, Greek, Roman, and Medieval Coins, Dr Sinski’s Ancients: Auctions Start at $1, 100%, Ancient Rome Sabina Ae 10.67 Grams 25.1mm, Ancient Rome Ae Augustus Pater Under Tiberius 10.07g 27.5mm, Half Of The Dirham. Browse the Gratian page with thumbnail images. Constantine I AE Follis of Cyzicus. Repurposing Your NCv/Low Grade Coins Into Something More Better, Aaargh, Would Like Suggestions On What Can Be Done (1938 S Cent). - Help ID city, Forum's Coins and Antiquities Consignment Shop, Members' Free Auction (Auctions Closing Next Listed Below). Finds you need identifying. French modern coins 1795 to 2001. Hoping For A Fantastic 2021 For You And Yours!!! Ae 11.77 Grams 26.8 MM, Alexander The Great AR Drachm 4.24g 15.6 MM, Purchasing Large Ancients Collection, Looking For Help With Attributions, E, Request Help With Attribution - Duchy Of Lorraine 1556 1/4 Teston. It is known that Augustus would give ancient kings’ coins, as well as foreign coins and tokens as gifts for the Saturnalia festivity. Unidentified Ancient AR 3.81 Grams 18.7mm For ID, Ancient Rome Diva Faustina Ae Sestertius? Ancient Rome Lincinius? Roman Coin ID Unknow : Montgomery 11/21/2020: 3: 166: 11/21/2020 8:15 pm Kushanshah : 2.65 G, 12 MM, Tag Says 400-250 BC Aes Rude Italy: louisvillekyshop 11/20/2020: 11: 347: 11/21/2020 1:39 pm louisvillekyshop : Two Coins. Feudal coins 987 to 1736. Greek And Roman Coins Needing ID Part Four. Post your ancients here for discussion or just to show off. ... Late Roman Bronze coins. Page created in 0.334 seconds with 16 queries. How to identify the Roman coins. While each letter appears recognizable it looks like one big, alien word. Possible Brakteats? Agrippa? Welcome Guest.Please login or register. Ancient coin collections may have existed since the Roman Empire times. Replica Coin Ancient Rome 6.0 Grams 33.7mm For ID, Some Fishy Ancient Chinese Coins (Spades And Other), Denier Of Theobald II As Lord Of Neufchateau 1281-1303, M. Agrippa Ae As Struck Under Caligula 10.66g 27.6mm. Happy New Year!!! AD 313. Ae 1.59 Grams 12.4mm For ID, The State Religion Of Rome: Deification Coinage - Recent Pickups, Reputable Dealers In Ancient Indian Coins, Ancient Greece ? Identification assistance. Most of the time, you probably can’t. Ae 19mm 6.26 Grams, Ancient Greece Ae Bull Reverse 5.71 Grams 18.4mm For ID, Not Sure If This Is Even A Coin? Disclaimer: While a tremendous amount of effort goes into ensuring the accuracy of the information contained in this site, Coin Community assumes no liability for errors. To the glory that was Greece And the grandeur that was Rome. Learn. Even the most obvious fakes can easily fool anyone who is not a trained expert. 0 Members and 19 Guests are viewing this board. to 395 A.C. Byzantine coins 491 to 1453. The history of Roman coins can be divided into three distinct periods: Republic, Imperatorial and Empire. FORVM ANCIENT COINS SHOP CATALOG MAP: ROMAN Roman Gold Roman … Late Roman Bronze Forum. It took 1.8 seconds to rattle this change. The earliest “official” Roman coins were created sometime around 320-280 B.C. Ae 4.14g 16.5mm For ID, Ancient Rome Trajan? / VIRTVTI EXERCITVS, Mars walking right in military dress, holding transverse spear, shield and trophy. 2000-P Lincoln Penny With "double Beard" With Additional Error On Obverse, 1984 Cent Die Cracks And An Interesting America On Reverse. In 27 B.C., Augustus (formerly Octavian) gained sole control as Rome’s first Emperor. Practise first using the short "how to" pdf. Notinric 6cyz-110_con_b (this coin). Isis festival issue. ! Ae 22.59g 29.6mm, New At This And Need Advice On 2 Roman Coins I'm Cleaning, Ancient Rome Ae 13.13 Grams 26.4 MM For ID, Ancient Rome Ae 19.72 Grams 28.7mm For ID, Ancient Rome Augustus Ae 8.96 Grams 26.7mm, Mysterious Coin From Baltic Sea (Need Help With Identification), Ancient Rome Ae 11.88 Grams 25.7mm For ID, Ancient Rome Marcus Aerelius? Ancient coins, a forum for discussing Roman, Greek, and other coins from ancient civilizations. World coins 1600 to date. News: contact email Metal detecting forum group including shop, clubs, glossary, jargon, rallies, Bottle Digging and video Directory. Ae .8 Grams 9.3mm Tiny Piece For ID, Ancient Rome? Artifact Of Some Sort? If anyone asks you what is the bust of the coin, he does not wait for you to give the name of the empero… VISUAL CATALOGUE: Study of the late roman bronze coins covering 247 types of reverses of the period A.D. 313 - 498 (RIC VII - X). The typical Roman coin will look something like this: At first that string of letters may seem daunting to interpret. I Have Some Indian Head Pennies Are They Cleaned Or Good To Go, Nowadays This Would Be A Quite Improbable Medal, Salvage Saturday: Philip V Gold Cob 2 Escudos ND (1708-13) MO NGC MS64, 2014 WWI Canadian Expeditionary Force Silver $5 - Coin 9 Of 12, U.s Presidents $1 Coin Set From The U.s Postal Society, Pretty Rough But Memorial Stamped On Obverse With Shield On Back. Fake Coin Reports, Notorious Fake Sellers, and Discussions, Forum di discussione di Numismatic in Italiano, Monumental Coins - Campgates and Other Architecture, The Pantheon - Gods, Goddesses and Personifications, Ancient Counterfeits and Barbarous Imitations, The Greek Imperial Coinage of Moesia Inferior and Thrace, La Monetazione della Zecca Tassaroloo (Italian), FORVM`s Classical Numismatics Discussion Board, Isegrim Really Works / Really Working With Isegrim, RULES: READ FIRST BEFORE ASKING FOR ID HELP, Roman Provincial Septimius Severus? Contact: Dane. Welcome, Guest. AR 11.63 Grams 23.8mm/28.9mm, Identification Of Possible Golden Horde Coin - #2 (Id: Likely Golden Horde Local Imitation), Is This Ancient Roman Coin A Forgery Or Real, Unidentified Ancient ? New Items. From Augustus to Diocletian 27 BC-286 AD. size of 6 Mb). Mintmark SMK. Ae 20.8 MM 2.67 Grams, Ancient Thessaly Larissa? The bust obviously indicates the portrait and implies the description of the clothes, crowns, jewels and items. The grenetis refers to the small dots around the coin (see photo). Unusual Legend. Forum rules IMPORTANT Before creating an ID request please note you must: 1. include at least 2 photos of the item, both sides of a coin, or two angles of other items. Lastly, the coins themselves follow very predictable conventions in their designs so that what is learned for one coin can be applied in identifying the next. Ae 2.66 Grams 15.3mm, Ancient Greek AR 16.85 Grams 29.1mm For ID, Ancient Greece Alexander? Discussions: 24,700 Messages: 452,642. Tetradrachm 17.76 Grams 30.9mm, Ancient Sicily Syracuse Drachm Ae 35.66 Grams 31.6mm, Ancient Greek? 1980 Lincoln Penny Error Or Post Mint Damage? 1883 Switzerland Shooting Thaler But With 1885 Obverse Design? German Notgeld Collector Of 46 Years, From Uk. Ae 28mm 9.78 Grams, Ancient Rome Ae 11.22 Grams 28.9mm For ID, Ancient Rome Hadrian Ae 31.2 MM 26.8 Grams, Ancient Rome Domitian? Home; Help; Search; Login; Register Merovingian coins 470 to 751. United States Mint Announces Mayflower 400th Anniversary Program Products, To participate in the forum you must log in or. Esty's Guide to Late Roman AE Coin Types, AD 364-450 . 21.27 Grams 28.9mm, Ancient Egypt Ptolemaic Egypt Ae 12.64g 27.7mm For ID. ERIC - Free Roman Coin eBook - MDF Metal Detecting Due to the second edition of the Encyclopedia of Roman Imperial Coinage being issued … Identify. Ae 9.66g 25.2 MM, Ancient Rome Claudius (?) The coins . Welcome to the World Coin Database! Use of any images or content on this website without prior written permission of Coin Community or the original lender is strictly prohibited. Latest: Severus Alexander.. 222-235 AD furryfrog02, Jan 6, 2021 at 6:48 PM. A lot of fakes and "reproductions" have been made (especially in the Middle East, Bulgaria, and China) and "coins" sold to innocent tourists abroad are often fake. Any Leads To Identify The Coins? Ancient, Greek, and Roman Coin Forum - Such a fascinating history behind these old coins. The obverses of most Roman coins depicted rulers and their family members. 18.97g 24.8mm, Ancient Rome Constantine? Ae 35.51 Grams 32.9mm, Unidentified Roman? Explore Our Website And Find Joy In The History, Numismatics, Art, Mythology, And Geography Of Coins!!! Ae 9.9 Grams 25.3mm, Okay, This Post Isn't For Serious Collectors, Ancient Rome Ae Minerva Left Prow Right 93.71 Grams 44mm, Ancient Greek? Go there and enter in the identification (for example, the name of the Roman emperor or the name of the Greek city) in the search box. Hogarth 06/18/2020: 4: 249: 06/18/2020 09:10 am echizento : Greek And Roman Coins Needing ID Part One. Copyright 2005 - 2021 Coin Community Family- all rights reserved worldwide. Possible Brakteats? What's Up With The Rim On This 2020 Penny? 1872 H 25 Cents What Grade Can I Expect From ICCS Or CCCS? US Coins Forum This forum dedicated to the discussion of United States Coins. To help collectors and dealers identify counterfeit coins, NGC has prepared lists of the most commonly counterfeited US, Chinese and world coins with diagnostic information and images from NGC’s extensive database, as well as commentary from the NGC coin … Ancient Coins For Sale - Ancient Roman Coins, Ancient Greek Coins, Biblical Coins, And Other Ancient Coins - Authentic, Expertly Described, Guaranteed. Any Leads To Identify The Coins? Hoping For A Fantastic 2021 For You And Yours!! Forum Staff Selling Your Coins Identifying Your Coin FAQs ... May 2013, The Archer M. Huntington Collection of Roman Gold Coins Part II, softcover, 44 pages, 280 lots, color illustrations, good condition, small wear and cover marks, only one copy available; $16.00 (€14.72) Roman coins 280 B.C. RSS. Ae Vrbs Roma 2.37g 17.7mm, Ancient Greek Attica? Include a ruler or other form of scale that clearly displays and states the scale in cm or inches. 2 Roman Bronze coins for ID please. It is very important that after you properly identify the issuer of the coin and you date it correctly, to identify the nominal of the coin. Login with username, password and session length. B-Star across fields. Ae 10.12 Grams 25.6mm, Ancient Rome M Agrippa Ae As 10.47g 28.5mm, Ancient Rome Ae 11.49 Grams 25.8mm For ID, L Aemilius Lepidus AR Denirius 19.8mm 3.96 Grams, Ancient Rome AR L. Titurius Sabinus Denarius 7.34 Grams 21.0 MM. Some Sort Of Plaster? Medieval Denar. Browsing Roman Imperial Coins of Gratian. (Id: Likely Pre-Mongol, 10th-12th Century Samanid Or 'Abbasid Dirham), #1 Help Needed In Identification Of The Indian Coin Possibly Mughal Or Ips, Fonts Of Lorber, Svoronos, Morkholm And Gabrici, Ancient Rome Ae 12.02 Grams 24.5mm For ID, Ancient Rome Diva Faustina Ae 12.32 Grams 26.5mm, Ancient Rome Ae Caesar Bust Right 5.39 Grams 22.3 MM, Ancient Rome? Hogarth 06/17/2020: 4: 295: 06/18/2020 3:37 pm Hogarth : Greek And Roman Coins Needing ID Part Seven.
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