Roald Engelbregt Gravning Amundsen (Borge, Norveggia, 16 di giugnettu di 1872 - 1928) spluraturi nurviggisi dî riggiuni pulari cunnucìu la prima spidizzioni capaci di jùnciri lu Polu Sud ntô (1911-1912).. Amundsen, nzèmmula a Olav Bjaaland, Helmer Hanssen, Sverre Hassel, e Oscar Wisting, agghicau ô polu lu 14 di dicèmmiru 1911, 35 jorna prima dâ spidizzioni guidata di Robert Falcon Scott. [4][5] Amundsen disappeared in June 1928 while flying on a rescue mission for the airship Italia in the Arctic. "[11] The crew returned to Oslo in November 1906, after almost three-and-a-half years abroad. The state of the art vessel features new and environmentally sustainable hybrid technology that will reduce fuel consumption and show the world that hybrid propulsion on large ships is possible. In February 2020, Roald Amundsen has become the first to travel the furthest south of any company ship in the expedition cruise line’s 127 years of business. Mjøndalen Nazionale 1938 Norvegia 0 (0) 1 I due numeri indicano le presenze e le reti segnate, per le sole partite di campionato. His party established a camp at the Bay of Whales and a series supply depots on the Barrier (now known as the Ross Ice Shelf) before setting out for the pole in October. Roald Amundsen’s dream of reaching the North Pole haunts him throughout his life. Roald Amundsen … [4][21] If the Norge expedition was the first to the North Pole, Amundsen and Oscar Wisting were the first men to have reached both geographical poles, by ground or by air. Besides learning the history of the events of Amundsen's life and having another look into the world of of 100 years ago, The Last Viking demonstrates the qualities of great leadership, bold ideas, bold action, and very careful planning. Nato a Borge, un piccolo villaggio 85 chilometri a sud di Oslo, a 21 anni scelse di abbandonare gli studi in medicina e di assecondare la passione per le esplorazioni. Foreldre: Skipsfører og reder Jens Ingebrigt Amundsen (1820–86) og Hanna Henrikke Gustava Sahlquist (1837–93). They left a small tent and letter stating their accomplishment, in case they did not return safely to Framheim. AMUNDSEN. 16 July 1872 â€“ c. 18 June 1928) was a Norwegian explorer of polar regions. That age does not fit with your information of an uncle Amund Amundsen born ca 1847. Continuing to the south of Victoria Island, the ship cleared the Canadian Arctic Archipelago on 17 August 1905. Should that year be 1817? Finding it difficult to raise funds, when he heard in 1909 that the Americans Frederick Cook and Robert Peary had claimed to reach the North Pole as a result of two different expeditions, he decided to reroute to Antarctica. The party of five, led by Amundsen, became the first to successfully reach the South Pole on 14 December 1911. To raise additional funds, Amundsen traveled around the United States in 1924 on a lecture tour. Roald Amundsen, nicknamed “The Last of the Vikings” was an Arctic explorer, and the first man to reach the South Pole in 1911. Amundsen never married though he was rumored to have been in several relationships. Born In 1872. [1] Prese parte ad alcune spedizioni nell'Artico e si applicò nel perfezionare le proprie capacità con lo sci di fondo nel clima norvegese e l'apprendimento delle tecniche di navigazione in acque polari per l'acquisizione dei titoli per potersi imbarcare da ufficiale e poi da comandante su navi destinate in quelle aree della Terra per scopi esplorativi e scientifici. The ship drifted in the ice for three years east of the New Siberian Islands, never reaching the North Pole. Born in 1872 #5. Later that year he was elected to the American Antiquarian Society.[10]. [17] He decided to shift from the planned naval expedition to aerial ones, and arranged to charter a plane. Roald Engelbregt Gravning Amundsen ( 16 korrik 1872 - 18 Qershor 1928 ) ishte një eksplorues Norvegjez i rajoneve polare dhe një figurë kryesore e Epokës Heroike të Eksplorimit të Antarktikut.Ai udhëhoqi ekspeditën e parë për të përshkuar Kalimin Veri-perëndim nga deti, nga 1903 deri në 1906, dhe ekspedita e parë në Polin e Jugut në 1911. In June 1922, Amundsen returned to Maud, which had been sailed to Nome. [22][23] If these other claims are false, the crew of the Norge would be the first explorers verified to have reached the North Pole, when they floated over it in the Norge in 1926. [34] Accounts by members of the expedition told of their relations with Inuit women, and historians have speculated that Amundsen might also have taken a partner,[35] although he wrote a warning against this.[36]. Explorer. They made their way off the continent and to Hobart, Australia, where Amundsen publicly announced his success on 7 March 1912. [12] He was not clear about his intentions, and Robert F. Scott and the Norwegian supporters felt misled. L'impresa ebbe successivamente successo il 12 maggio 1926, alle ore 1:30, quando Amundsen riuscì a sorvolare il Polo Artico insieme al finanziatore americano Lincoln Ellsworth e all'italiano Umberto Nobile. [15] As a result, he participated little in the work outdoors, such as sleigh rides and hunting. Antarctic explorer Roald Amundsen and his team arrived there on the same day in 1911. Later, a wing-float and bottom gasoline tank from the plane, which had been adapted as a replacement wing-float, were found near the Tromsø coast. Roald Engelbregt Gravning Amundsen (UK: /ˈɑːmʊndsən/, US: /-məns-/;[2][3] Norwegian: [ˈruːɑɫ ˈɑmʉnsən] (listen);[tone?] The N-24 was damaged. In September 1919, the crew got the ship loose from the ice, but it froze again after eleven days somewhere between the New Siberian Islands and Wrangel Island. Then there was Kristine Elisabeth Bennet, a beautiful Norwegian lady married with a prominent Englishman. The 1969 film The Red Tent tells the story of the Nobile expedition and Amundsen's disappearance. Roald Amundsen Fans Also Viewed . When their aircraft was damaged, they abandoned the journey. Roald Engelbregt Gravning Amundsen Wiki: Salary, Married, Wedding, Spouse, Family Roald Engelbregt Gravning Amundsen (Norwegian: [??u? New DNA tests reveal that famed Norwegian explorer Roald Amundsen did not father a child with an Inuit woman more than 100 years ago. At this time, Amundsen learned of the dissolution of the union between Norway and Sweden, and that he had a new king. In 1903, Amundsen led the first expedition to successfully traverse Canada's Northwest Passage between the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. Later, he became engaged to Bess Magids, an American divorcee whom he had met in Alaska. Amundsen, dopo aver confermato l'esistenza del passaggio a nord-ovest, organizzò una spedizione con lo scopo di arrivare per primo al Polo nord. In 1992, the boat builder Detlev L ll and his friends from the society `Learn to Live on Sailing Ships` turned her into a brig as part of a programme against unemployment. Roald Engelbregt Gravning Amundsen (Borge, 16 luglio 1872 – Mar Glaciale Artico, 18 giugno 1928) è stato un esploratore norvegese delle regioni polari.Condusse la prima spedizione capace di raggiungere il Polo sud nel 1911-1912 Amundsen used dog sleds, his party was well organised and well prepared with the only intention being to reach the pole, rather than any other exploration or discovery. Learn how and when to remove this template message, dissolution of the union between Norway and Sweden, List of things named after Roald Amundsen, Comparison of the Amundsen and Scott Expeditions, List of people who disappeared mysteriously at sea, "Østfold county, Borge in Borge, Parish register (official) nr. Cancers. For other uses, see, Norwegian polar researcher, who was the first to reach the South Pole, North Polar Expeditions and Northeast Passage. Il simbolo → indica un trasferimento in prestito. Amundsen disappeared on 18 June 1928 while flying on a rescue mission in the Arctic. … Using skis and dog sleds for transportation, Amundsen and his men created supply depots at 80°, 81° and 82° South on the Barrier, along a line directly south to the Pole. [n 1] Amundsen named their South Pole camp Polheim. Istituto di Istruzione Superiore "Umberto Nobile - Roald Amundsen", prima spedizione invernale nell'Antartide, Medaglia d'oro del Congresso (Stati Uniti), Recensione de "Il mio volo polare" di Roald Amundsen,, Cavalieri di Gran Croce dell'Ordine reale norvegese di Sant'Olav, Voci con template Collegamenti esterni e qualificatori sconosciuti, Voci con template Collegamenti esterni e molti collegamenti, Voci biografiche con codici di controllo di autorità, licenza Creative Commons Attribuzione-Condividi allo stesso modo, In uno degli album del compositore italiano, Le vicende dell'esploratore e la sua competizione con Robert Falcon Scott per la conquista del polo sud hanno ispirato la canzone, Il nome di Amundsen è stato conferito ad un tratto del, Una nuova struttura scientifica italiana, la, All'esploratore norvegese è anche dedicata una scuola in Italia: l'Isis Nobile-Amundsen sito in. In contrast to Amundsen's earlier expeditions, this was expected to yield more material for academic research, and he carried the geophysicist Harald Sverdrup on board. His ship had relatively shallow draft. L'operazione consisteva nel caricare le slitte con viveri e strumentazioni, viaggiare per diversi chilometri lungo la Barriera di Ross, lasciando il materiale, in modo da poter partire più leggeri e avere basi di appoggio per ogni evenienza.[1]. Amundsen established his base camp there, calling it Framheim. Gjøa was returned to Norway in 1972. [1] Raggiunsero una cresta del ghiacciaio a 3.200 metri e si preparano per l'ultima fase del tragitto verso il Polo Sud. After a 45-day trip from San Francisco on a bulk carrier, she was placed on land outside the Fram Museum in Oslo[11], where she is now situated inside her own dedicated building at the museum. A second attempt, with a team of five made up of Olav Bjaaland, Helmer Hanssen, Sverre Hassel, Oscar Wisting and Amundsen, departed base camp on 19 October. They traveled via Baffin Bay, the Parry Channel and then south through Peel Sound, James Ross Strait, Simpson Strait and Rae Strait.
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